# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
424 add on include zawierać
  • 12 % will be added on to your bill as a service charge.
437 answer for take responsibility for somebody ręczyć za kogoś
  • I can answer for myself.
527 act up not work properly, not work properly - for machines szwankować, nie działać prawidłowo
  • My mom has been acting up lately.
528 ache for to want something very much zapragnąć gorąco, zatęsknić
  • I'm aching for some new leaks.
536 advance on to move towards and cause threat nacierać na, najeżdżać
  • The enemy advanced on the bridge.
562 acquit of to state that someone is not guilty of something uniewinniać, oczyszczać z zarzutów
  • He was acquitted of charges that he molested three young girls.
608 ask over to invite zaprosić
  • I asked Magdalena over for tea and we had a nice chat together.
633 advert to to talk about, to mention przywoływać, wspominać o, wspominać o czymś, nawiązywać do
  • He adverted to the recent disaster of the British army before New Orleans.
645 acquaint with to become familiar with zapoznawać się z, zaznajamiać się z
  • Visitors have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the full range of products and services offered for laboratories.
677 ask back to invite someone you visited first zaprosic kogoś, zaprosic kogoś na rewizytę
  • Hey guys it's your turn to ask us back now!