# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
562 acquit of to state that someone is not guilty of something uniewinniać, oczyszczać z zarzutów
  • He was acquitted of charges that he molested three young girls.
608 ask over to invite zaprosić
  • I asked Magdalena over for tea and we had a nice chat together.
633 advert to to talk about, to mention przywoływać, wspominać o, wspominać o czymś, nawiązywać do
  • He adverted to the recent disaster of the British army before New Orleans.
645 acquaint with to become familiar with zapoznawać się z, zaznajamiać się z
  • Visitors have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the full range of products and services offered for laboratories.
677 ask back to invite someone you visited first zaprosic kogoś, zaprosic kogoś na rewizytę
  • Hey guys it's your turn to ask us back now!
732 agree on to have the same opinion abot something, to make a decision about zgadzać się na, zgadzać się w jakiejś sprawie, kwestii, uzgodnić
  • We agreed on your holiday.
745 awe into to make someone fear something or respect something so that they are e.g. obedient zatrwożyc, zmusić, zastraszyć
  • The rigor of the new commandant awed the people into submission.
816 abet in to help to do something, to help to do something - usually wrong wspomagać, współdziałać
  • While Sanders admits that he aided and abetted in the robbery in which his codefendant used and carried a firearm.
817 abstract from to steal from ukraść z
  • Burglars abstracted the jewellery from the drawer.
845 air out to let fresh air in wietrzyć, wietrzyć pomieszczenie
  • How can I air out living room and make it smell good?
863 advise on to give advice concerning something in particular doradzać w, doradzać w sprawie, radzić
  • You should have advised him on the choice of school.
878 allow out to let someone walk out before you przepuścić kogoś, przepuścić kogoś w drzwiach
  • And since then nobody has ever allowed me out in the street in my pyjamas!
895 assist at  to help with somehing, often as one asystować w, asystować przy
  • Doctor Bob had been called away to assist at an operation in a distant town.
916 add together to make a total, to sum up everything zsumować wszystko razem
  • Now, count up all the dots, adding them together.
929 abscond from to leave a place secretly zbiec, uciec
  • He planned to abscond from the city.