# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
348 arrive in to reach a destination przybyć, dotrzeć
  • Magdalena arrived in Poland about seven years ago.
349 adjust to to make something fit, to get used to something dopasowywać, dostosowywać się, dostrajać
  • Magdalena found it terribly hard to adjust to the rest of the group.
390 act for to represent someone, to do what someone else is responsible for działać w czyimś imieniu, występować w czyimś imieniu
  • If you play your cards right, he just might voice act for you!
414 act like behave in a way that udawać, zachowywać się jak
  • What's wrong with Adam? He's acting like an idiot.
421 add up to total wynosić, opiewać na
  • The bills add up to $100.00. That's less than I expected!