# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
863 advise on to give advice concerning something in particular doradzać w, doradzać w sprawie, radzić
  • You should have advised him on the choice of school.
878 allow out to let someone walk out before you przepuścić kogoś, przepuścić kogoś w drzwiach
  • And since then nobody has ever allowed me out in the street in my pyjamas!
895 assist at  to help with somehing, often as one asystować w, asystować przy
  • Doctor Bob had been called away to assist at an operation in a distant town.
916 add together to make a total, to sum up everything zsumować wszystko razem
  • Now, count up all the dots, adding them together.
929 abscond from to leave a place secretly zbiec, uciec
  • He planned to abscond from the city.