# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
6 back out fail to keep an arrangement or promise wycofywać sić
  • You could not back out from the project. The deal is a deal.
7 back up to support popierać, potwierdzać
  • The party will back him up at the next election.
8 be after chase poszukiwać, gonić, ścigać
  • John is after a job in marketing.
9 beat up attack violently pobić kogoś, poturbować
  • He was dragged out of the van and beaten up by the street gang.
10 bend down lower the top half of your body pochylić się
  • Mark! Bend down and do your shoelaces.
11 boss about to act in a bossy manner with another person rządzić, dyrygować kimś
  • They've bossed us around enough.
12 break away to get away wyłamać się
  • She wanted to break away from the traditional image wife.
13 break down stop working, stop functioning zepsuć się
  • They got caught quite easily as their runaway van broke down after few miles.
14 break down stop working, stop functioning załamywać się, kończyć się niepowodzeniem
  • Talks between the two countries broke down.
15 break out escape uciec z więzienia
  • He broke out of the state prison last night.
16 break out explode wybuchać
  • More epidemic diseases break out in Uganda.
17 break through pass a barrier or obstacle przełamać coś, przedrzeć się
  • Soldiers want to break through the enemy lines.
18 break up end a personal relationship zerwać z kimś
  • I didn't know Mark has broken up with Joe!
19 breeze through pass easily, succeed przejść przez coś z łatwością
  • She breezed through the university entrance exams.
20 brighten up make something more attractive or pleasant rozjaśnić, upiększyć
  • She put some flowers to the vase to brighten the flat up.