# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
691 cast down to look down spuszczać wzrok
  • Said Magdalena with her eyes cast down.
704 cool off to become cool to calm down ostygnąć, ochłonąć
  • The vegetables must cool down or it will be impossible to slice.
716 curl up to lie or sit in a curved position kulić się, zwijać się
  • The cat was curled up on a piece of slate heated by the sun.
728 cough out to say something unwillingly, to confess something after being persuaded to do so powiedzieć coś niechętnie, po namowach, wydusić coś z siebie
  • When she finally coughed it out 12 years later it was covered by tissue that had grown over it.
747 click for to be lucky to get something mieć farta i coś zdobyć, zdobyć coś przez łut szczęścia
  • Magdalena just clicked for that job.