# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
36 carry out to do or perform something wypełniać, wykonać, zrealizować
  • I hope she will carry out her research as it may be a real breakthrough.
37 catch up stop being behind. dogonić, dorównać
  • I'm going home to catch up with my sleep.
38 check in register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport zgłosić się do odprawy
  • When you arrive at the convention, be sure to check in at the registration desk.
  • They checked in at the Hilton yesterday.
39 check out get information about sprawdzać
  • These days, you do not need to see through those peepholes to check out who is at the door ringing your doorbell.
40 check out follow procedures for leaving, follow procedures for leaving a hotel zdać pokój, wymeldować się
  • She checked out early in the afternoon and continued her journey.