# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
750 creep in to get somewhere without being noticed to appear unexpectedly wkraść się, zakraść się
  • When the doubts creep in.
751 crash out to fall asleep zasnąć, pójść w kimono
  • They were certainly pretty tired and crashed out very soon after we got back home!
752 cross off to delete an item on a piece of written material by putting a cross wykreślać
  • Here's something I can cross off my bucket list.
754 cry out to express one wykrzyczeć, wykrzyczeć coś, krzyczeć z, krzyczeć z bólu
  • She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.
776 cast aside to throw away, to get rid of odrzucać, porzucać 
  • It is a time, our people are unable to cast aside their divide to stand up for the Country?
788 crop up to happen , to occur, usually unexpectedly to make a mistake pojawiac się, niespodziewanie się wydarzyć, przydarzyć się, pomylić się, popełnić błąd
  • Several problems have cropped up.
789 call round to pay an informal visit wpaść z wizytą
  • We decided to call round at her sister's in the morning.
790 cast off to get rid of something such as restraints, to take off one uwalniać się, uwalniać się od ograniczeń, zrzucać, zrzucać ubranie, zrzucać buty
  • She cast off the boots and sat down.
793 cuddle up to sit very close to someone and hold them tightly przytulać się, przytulać się do kogoś, tulić
  • Magdalena cuddled up her weeping brother.
795 cope with to deal with to struggle with dawać sobie radę, borykać się
  • How am I to be free of, or cope with that problem?
813 chase after to try to get something with a lot of effort uganiać się za, ubiegać się o, starać się o
  • When you pursue a career in cosmetology, you are doing more than chasing after a job.
818 clean out to idy by removing things uprzątnąć, wysprzątać, wyrzucić
  • I must clean out that flat.
820 clock off to register one kończyć dzień pracy, odbijać kartę zegarową, odbijać kartę zegarową - przy wyjściu z pracy
  • The workers had already clocked off before cashing up.
822 cut under to make prices lower than the competitors obcinać ceny, zanizac ceny w stosunku do konkurencji
  • Mall have decided to cut the prices under in order to attract new customers.
827 crib from to copy something dishonestly from someone else or a written source, usually in a test, exam, etc. ściągać od, ściągać z, zrzynać od, zrzynać z
  • He cribbed all the answers from Bush.