# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
828 cast away to get rid of, to have no relationship any more odrzucać, wyrzekać się
  • She cast away her old friends like used toys.
834 cover over to cover something on the top przykryć, nakryć
  • Should i cover this over the winter?
835 cover up  to put a cover on something, to put a clothing on something, to put a clothing on something (informal) ukrywać, ukrywać (potocznie)
  • Magdalena used PDA with Rob to cover up her cheating?
847 crisp up to make somethig dry to become dry
  • The bread will crisp up nicely and the oil will sink down through each slice and make them buttery and smokey.
851 cast up to bring to the shore, to bring to the shore of the sea wyrzucać na brzeg, wyrzucać na brzeg o morzu
  • Driftwood cast up on the shore was often all that could be found.
852 comment on to make a commentary referring to sth komentować, komentować coś
  • Would you like to comment on his elaboration?
854 cram in  to pack something or people in somewhere pakować, upychać
  • I couldn't cram all the things in the bag.
855 clear away to disappear to remove znikać, uprzątnąć, sprzątać ze stołu
  • Repair or replace old woodwork, clear away rubbish, cut your grass and tidy any plants.
884 chuck out to throw away wywalać, wyrzucać
  • Ann chucked out all her old clothes.
886 cut into to divide into parts by cutting pokroić na
  • Ann cut the cake into five slices.
890 cheer on to cheer asports team kibicowac, dopingować
  • The whole class was cheering on the school basketball team.
891 choke down to swallow with difficulty to talk out of something przełykać z trudnością, odradzać
  • Ann choked down the pill.
908 cage in to lock in a cage zamknąć w klatce
  • His little son didn't believe the wolfs were caged in.
913 come out with to mention sth unexpectedly wyjść z czymś, niespodziewanie coś powiedzieć
  • Ann is always coming out with annoying remarks.
933 commute between to travel regurarly from one place to another and back dojeżdżać, dojeżdżać z domu do pracy i z powrotem
  • Ann commutes between her home town and the city.