# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
76 drop by to visit someone unexpectedly wpaść z wizytą
  • When you come to Edmonton, be sure to drop in for a visit.
77 drop off take something or someone to a place and leave it or them there. podrzucić kogoś gdzieś po drodze
  • I'm going to the city centre now, so if you want I can drop you off to the cinema.
  • I just had to drop my little brother off at school.
78 drop out stop attending, leave school, keave an organization rezygnować
  • Ann decided to drop out of school.
331 drink off to drink a lot of something, to drink a lot of something usually at once wypić jednym haustem
  • Adam drank off a bottle of beer at once.
337 double for to stand in for, to replace somebody zastępować, zastępować kogoś
  • Who is going to double for Adam Reynolds? He is on a doctor's leave.