# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
370 do into to translate from one language into another przetłumaczyć, przełoźyć
  • His novel has been lately done into Spanish.
389 dab at to touch something gently lekko dotykać, lekko przecierać
  • Magdalena dabbed at her arms with a handkerchief.
394 dab out to wash, to wash clothes by hand (informal) przepierać, prać ręcznie, prać ręcznie (potocznie)
  • I had to dab out the my socks.
396 dive in to swim beneath the surface of water, eat, eat - in imperative sentences nurkować w
  • Take your first dive in the blissfully warm waters of the Caribbean sea.
401 doodle away to mess about, to spend time aimlessly obijać się
  • Doodling away with a plate of pudding.