# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
599 dab on to put something on a surface with quick strokes nakładać
  • Just dab the paint on the walls.
606 drone on to talk at length in a boring way mówić długo i monotonnie, przynudzać
  • The teacher droning on and on.
643 drool over to show one pożerać kogoś wzrokiem
  • Sometimes, even as an adult, I find myself drooling over some rock stars.
651 damp off to die because of too large amount of water, to die because of too large amount of water - about a plant zginąć od nadmaru wody, zginąć od nadmaru wody - o roślinie
  • The plants started to damp off.
707 drill in to practise something with someone, to revise something with someone ćwiczyć coś z kimś, ćwiczyć coś z kimś przez powtarzanie
  • I've been drilling my sister in maths for a whole evening.