# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
79 eat out have a meal in a restaurant zjeść na mieście
  • Do you feel like eating out today's evening?
80 enter into become involved in or accept zagłębiać się
  • He doesn't want to enter into details at the moment.
356 eye up to look at someone as if to assess their looks to leer taksować wzrokiem
  • Luis eyed the other man up because he was behaving suspiciously.
449 end up finally arrive at, arrive at an unexpected place znaleźć się, znaleźć się nieoczekiwanie
  • He ended up marrying his high school sweetheart.
487 eat away to destroy slowly niszczyć, pochłaniać, wyżerać
  • I hate him and it's eating me away fast.
489 end in to finish a certain way skończyć się czymś
  • Why so many marriages end in divorce?
510 eat up to eat all the food that you have been given zjadać, wyjadać
  • I'll eat up all your crackers and your licorice.
533 enquire for to try to find or to speak to someone pytać o kogoś, szukać kogoś
  • There's a Mr Brown, enquiring for you.
568 ease up on to stop bothering someone to not be occupied with something any more dać spokój komuś, dać spokój czemuś
  • He's finally eased up on this problem.
655 edge back to move backwards, to withdraw cofać się rakiem
  • Here a man went down screaming; there another began to edge back.
714 explain away to give reasons for and make excuses about what happened wyjaśniać, tłumaczyć, usprawiedliwiać
  • He didn't yell, but he started to explain away it, said that it maybe just was teenage hormons.
846 engorge on to devour in large amounts obżerać się czymś
  • That resembles those crazy people engorging on hot dogs at Coney Island on the Fourth of July.
931 edge away to maove away odsuwać się, odsuwać się od
  • We edged away from the dirty man in the ragged clothes.
946 elbow through if one elbows their way through, they force their way through e.g. a crowd, usually by using their elbows przepychać się, przepychać się łokciami
  • Mark elbowed his way through the crowd to get to the box office.