# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
714 explain away to give reasons for and make excuses about what happened wyjaśniać, tłumaczyć, usprawiedliwiać
  • He didn't yell, but he started to explain away it, said that it maybe just was teenage hormons.
846 engorge on to devour in large amounts obżerać się czymś
  • That resembles those crazy people engorging on hot dogs at Coney Island on the Fourth of July.
931 edge away to maove away odsuwać się, odsuwać się od
  • We edged away from the dirty man in the ragged clothes.
946 elbow through if one elbows their way through, they force their way through e.g. a crowd, usually by using their elbows przepychać się, przepychać się łokciami
  • Mark elbowed his way through the crowd to get to the box office.