# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
937 follow through to do another part of something, to do another stage of a process to check, to examine kontynuować, robic kolejną część, sprawdzać, badać
  • I am sorry now that I didn't follow through with music lessons when I was younger.
957 fool around with to have an affair with mieć romans
  • Ann's been fooling around with that guy.
959 flush off to wash something with lots of water spłukiwać, zmywać dużą ilością wody
  • Spray it on to flush off the dirt, the chemical does the rest.
966 furnish  to to provide something to someone, to provide to dostarczać, zaopatrywać, dawać
  • What he said furnished a new opportunity to us.
979 fool away to waste one marnować czas
  • Mark keeps fooling away his summer holidays.