# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
522 fill out complete a form by adding required information. wypełnić formularz
  • How to fill out form SS-4?
532 flame up to start burning again to become very angry or violent to blush with strong emotion wybuchnąć, wybuchnąć - o ogniu, wybuchnąć - o gniewie, zapłonąć, spłonić się, gwałtownie się zaczerwienić
  • Magdalena flamed up when her parents asked her about her girlfriend.
542 fix up to repair something or make it better to arrange something to find accomodation for someone naprawić, poprawić, zaplanować cos, zapewnić komuś miejsce, nocleg
  • I'm thinking of fixing up an appointment on Sunday.
543 fling away to get rid of something to waste sth wyrzucać coś, marnować
  • Magdalena flung her old desk away, which made her mother angry.
549 flake away to fall off in flakes, that is, in small pieces odpadać, łuszczyć się
  • I can remember that when Adam repainted Magdalena's room the paint soon started to flake away.