# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
550 flick over to turn quickly, to turn pages of a book quickly, to turn pages of newspaper quickly przerzucać kartki, przerzucać strony
  • Magdalena was flicking the pages over, visibly absent-minded.
559 fling at  to throw at, to throw something at rzucać w, rzucać czymś w
  • The boy was flinging stones at tram.
565 fag out to work really hard harować, harować (potocznie)
  • You always fag out.
567 fret over to worry about sth continuously zamartwiac się, gryźć się z problemem
  • I can't watch him fret over this problem.
598 flow out to diminish, to move out of a place to another wypływać
  • All his cash mysteriously flows out every day.