# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
94 get through to survive a difficult period, to survive difficulties poradzić sobie z czymś, przejść przez coś, pomagać
  • He got through the exams and got into high school.
95 get away to run away, to break free, to escape uciec
  • Get away from me!
96 get away to remain unpunished for something one committed uchodzić na sucho
  • Thieves got away with two Picassos, which were never found.
97 get back return wracać
  • When did Mark get back?
98 get in arrive przychodzić, przyjeżdżać
  • Can you tell Mr Harrison to phone me as soon as he gets in?
99 get into enter, come in wsiadać, wchodzić
  • Earlier women and girls always get into a car before men.
100 get off leave a large, closed vehicle wysiadać, wychodzić
  • To get to the train station you have to get off at fifth stop.
101 get on enter a large, closed vehicle wsiadać do, wsiadać na
  • The train was full so we couldn't get on.
102 get on make progress, deal with something with a reasonable degree of success radzić sobie
  • How is she getting on in the marketing course?
104 get out leave a small, closed vehicle wysiadać
  • I got out of the van and went home.