# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
357 gabble away to talk quickly about unimportant things paplać, trajkotać
  • Magdalena's been gabbling away with her friends all day.
358 go down with to become ill rozchorować się na, zapaść na, zapaść na chorobę
  • Magdalena is said to have gone down with variola.
360 go after to try to obtain sth starać się o, ubiegać się o
  • Magdalena's going to go after job at Orange.
366 grow on to become more appreciated, to become more appreciated (informal) stawać się bardziej lubianym, stawać się bardziej lubianym (potocznie)
  • The more I listen to the DVD you lent me, the more it grows on me.
371 get on with to make progress, to continue something kontynuować coś, robić postępy
  • You're getting on with Spanish.