# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
374 gasp out to say something while one is having difficulties in breathing wysapać, wydyszeć
  • Magdalena gasped out something I couldn't understand.
377 get along with to get on well with someone, to have a good relationship być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
  • Magdalena gets along with the rest of the class.
457 give over devote to a particular purpose or use pościęcić się całkowicie jakiemuś celowi
  • Adam gave the day over to organising Jen's birthday party.
460 goof off be lazy, do nothing in particular obijać się, leniuchować
  • We were goofing off in the hall before class - joking and stuff.
470 goof up to spoil, mess spaprać
  • They goofed up our holiday plans.