# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
144 hand out distribute wydawać, wręczać
  • Teacher handed out the examination booklets.
145 hand in submit homework, submit an assignment oddawać, wręczać
  • Please finish writing and hand in the poems.
146 hang on to wait for a short period of time czekać przez chwilę
  • Hang on a second Mark, I just need another beer.
148 hang out spend time in a certain location or with certain people spędzać czas
  • In winter a lot of young people hang out here.
149 hang up end a phone conversation by replacing the receiver odkładać słuchawkę
  • She was so annoying that I just hung up.
150 have on carry mieć przy sobie
  • Do you have any money on you?
151 head for to go in a particular direction iść, jechać w określonym kierunku, zmierzać do
  • That road heads for the airport.
152 hear from to get a message from someone or a group otrzymywać od kogoś wiadomość
  • I haven't heard from her for ages.
153 heat up to make hot podgrzać
  • He heated the soup up in the microwave.
154 heat up to make hot podgrzać
  • Heat the soup up before serving.
155 hit back attack or criticise odgryźć się
  • Mark hit Ann, and Ann hit back at Mark.
156 hold back to restrain someone, to restrain something, to restrain an animal powstrzymywać, zatrzymywać
  • Held back my tears.
157 hold on to wait to continue to be striving at something czekać chwilę
  • Hold on a second, I'm almost ready.
158 hold up to delay opóźniać
  • The flight to New York was held up due to bad weather conditions.
159 hook up meet someone podłączyć
  • Have you hooked up to the network yet?