# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
620 haggle over to argue, to try to achieve sth by talking spierać się, targować
  • When buying a property it pays to haggle over the price, even if you think it's a bargain.
658 hack around to spend time lazily, to spend time lazily (informal), mess about obijać się, obijać się (potocznie)
  • I've been hacking around all day, and have no satisfactory, neat, quick soloution.
661 hum with to be preoccupied with, to be busy być zajętym, tętnić życiem
  • The garden was humming with bees.
662 hang back to hesitate, to be unwilling to make a decision or to do anything wahać się z podjęciem decyzji, trzymać się z boku
  • Magdalena hung back before giving the answer.
763 hang about to waste time, to spend time with no purpose obijać się
  • She's so annoying hanging about when there's a lot of work to do.
767 harp on to talk in a boring way, repating the same old story again and again nudzić, ględzić
  • At what point should a government stop harping on about the mistakes of their predecessors?
815 hash up to chop up meat to spoil something, fail to do something, fail to do something (informal) siekać, siekać mięso, schrzanić coś, schrzanić coś (potocznie)
  • Now, hash the onion and garlic up and put it in the skillet.
894 hide out to be hiding to look for a place to hide ukrywać się
  • If you wanted to hide out somewhere in the world, away from the daily grind, where would you go?
912 hold by to behave in an obedient way to agree with zgadzać się, być posłusznym, dostosowywać się do, trzymać się czegoś
  • Mark didn't hold by certain ideas his family believed in.
928 hang onto to hold something tightly to stick to, to hold somebody tightly to stick to kurczowo się trzymać, uczepić się
  • Ann's always hanging on us whether we like it or not.