# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
620 haggle over to argue, to try to achieve sth by talking spierać się, targować
  • When buying a property it pays to haggle over the price, even if you think it's a bargain.
658 hack around to spend time lazily, to spend time lazily (informal), mess about obijać się, obijać się (potocznie)
  • I've been hacking around all day, and have no satisfactory, neat, quick soloution.
661 hum with to be preoccupied with, to be busy być zajętym, tętnić życiem
  • The garden was humming with bees.
662 hang back to hesitate, to be unwilling to make a decision or to do anything wahać się z podjęciem decyzji, trzymać się z boku
  • Magdalena hung back before giving the answer.
763 hang about to waste time, to spend time with no purpose obijać się
  • She's so annoying hanging about when there's a lot of work to do.