# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
448 issue from to come out, to come out of a place wydobywać, wypływać, dochodzić, dobiegać z czegoś
  • Pondering China's arms development issue from China's perspective.
572 interfere in to concern oneself with somebody else wtrącać się w coś
  • Don't you ever interfere in their personal problems.
621 interpose between to part two parties, people who are arguing rozdzielać, rozdzielać skłóconych, stawać pomiędzy
  • Police had to interpose between two rival groups.
624 intercede with to speak in order to ask for a favour for somebody else wstawiać się, wstawiać się u kogoś za kimś, interweniować
  • Several religious leaders have interceded with the authorities on behalf of the condemned prisoner.
629 inter in to bury someone in a certain place pochować kogoś w, pochować kogoś w określonym miejscu
  • Wife's brother's son was interred in his home town in PA yesterday with full military honors.