# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
165 join in to become involved in an activity with other people przyłączać się
  • Why don't you join in?
166 jot down write briefly or hurriedly, write a short note of zapisać coś szybko
  • He called the helpline and jotted down a few telephone numbers.
365 jam with to pack things tightly to fill the room with people, to pack things tightly to fill the room with things upychać, pakować, utykać, napychać
  • The shelves were jammed with books and DVDs.
395 jab into to push something into wbijać w, dźgać
  • He jabbed his finger into her ribs.
407 jack up raise, raise used for prices podnieść, podbić cenę
  • The car dealer bought my old Audi for $1000 and jacked the price up to $1500 when they sold it.
442 jump at accept eagerly zgodzić się ochoczo, zaakceptować
  • I'd jump at the chance to go and live in the Canada.
443 jump in interrupt, enter conversation dołączyć do dyskusji, przerwać komuś
  • Adam jumped in and explained them the problem with hools.
447 jump on criticize, attack atakować, naskoczyć, krytykować
  • Adam jumped on me when I said what I think about this.
469 jump all severely scold someone, berate someone wydrzeć się na kimś, pokrzyczeć na kogoś
  • Adam is really upset. His boss jumped all over him because he's been late for work three times this week.
511 jump off leave something suddenly by jumping wyskoczyć, wyskoczyć skądś
  • What did Sawyer tell Kate before he jumped off the helicopter?
660 jaw at to scold someone, to drone on zrugać, zbesztać, truć, mówić
  • The drivers jawed at each other in the rush-hour traffic.
761 jam on to put sth on in haste nacisnąć, założyć w pośpiechu
  • When the dog ran in front of his car he jammed on his brakes and skidded.
879 jaw away to talk, to chat, to chat (informal) gadać, rozmawiać, paplać
  • We've been jawing away for two hours.
880 jostle away to push to move something away, to push to move somebody away odepchnąć, odtrącać
  • Mark jostled away a few people and got inside room.
993 jar with not to match, not to match in colour, not to agree with gryźć się, nie pasować, nie zgadzać się
  • Try to avoid using any clichés or jargon which will jar with your audience.