# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
660 jaw at to scold someone, to drone on zrugać, zbesztać, truć, mówić
  • The drivers jawed at each other in the rush-hour traffic.
761 jam on to put sth on in haste nacisnąć, założyć w pośpiechu
  • When the dog ran in front of his car he jammed on his brakes and skidded.
879 jaw away to talk, to chat, to chat (informal) gadać, rozmawiać, paplać
  • We've been jawing away for two hours.
880 jostle away to push to move something away, to push to move somebody away odepchnąć, odtrącać
  • Mark jostled away a few people and got inside room.
993 jar with not to match, not to match in colour, not to agree with gryźć się, nie pasować, nie zgadzać się
  • Try to avoid using any clichés or jargon which will jar with your audience.