# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
172 know of to be aware of the existence of someone or something wiedzieć o czymś, znać
  • Do you know of any Italian restaurants in Mardid?
404 kid around to cheat by kidding, to pretend a fool wygłupiać się, nabierać kogoś
  • Count your blessings and stop kidding around about ending your life.
406 knock up to wake someone up by knocking on their door obudzić kogoś, obudzić kogoś pukając do drzwi
  • I'll knock you up at 10 o'clock.
478 knock about to beat somone bić, maltretować
  • She should go to prison for knocking her hildren about.
514 kick about to discuss something, to discuss something before making a decision obgadać
  • We will kick that idea around and see what we might be able to do.