# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
173 land up to arrive or cause to arrive at a final point wylądować
  • After a summer in USA, he suddenly landed up at home.
174 laugh at to show amusement because someone or something is funny śmiać się z czegoś
  • Kazakhs don't laugh at 'Ali G'.
175 lay off to make reduntant, to fire zwalniać
  • Many people working in this factory were laid off during the crisis.
176 leave out forget, omit opuszczać, pomijać
  • You left out the best parts of the party.
177 let down disappoint zawodzić
  • You let me down again, I can't trust you any more.
178 let out to allow a person to leave, to allow a person to leave a place, to allow a animal to leave, to allow a animal to leave a place, to release wypuszczać, pozwolić iść
  • The classes finished earlier but we were not let out before 4 o'clock.
179 line up arrange in a line ustawić w rzędzie
  • He lined up his books on the shelf.
180 log in enter a restricted area on a computer system zalogować się, włączyć do sieci
  • I can't log in, probably I forgot the password.
181 log out exit a computer system wylogować się, wyłączyć się z sieci
  • Please log out and turn the notebook off.
182 look after to take care of someone, to take care of something opiekować się, pilnować
  • We need to find someone to look after the our kids when we're out tomorrow evening.