# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
919 lay into sb to attack or scold someone zaatakować, naskoczyć na kogoś
  • Ann laid on me as if I had done something wrong.
952 lie about to stay in bed for a long time without any specific reason spędzać czas leniwie w łóżku
  • Ann stuff lies about all over the house.
965 lie down on to neglect obijać się, zaniedbywać, zaniedbywać pracę, zaniedbywać obowiązki
  • The way he lies down on the job is annoying.
969 labour over to work continuously over a certain task ślęczeć nad czymś
  • Ann's still labouring over her speech.
971 listen in to listen carefully and secretely to what someone else is saying podsłuchiwać
  • He was listening in at the door.