# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
517 lay out to spend money, especially a lot of money wywalić, wywalić kasę
  • People capable to lay out for the house from 8 million $.
521 let on to tell a secret zdradzić sekret, wygadać się
  • Nobody let on about the surprise party.
524 let up become less intense or slower zmniejszyć intensywność
  • The rain has let up so we can go out.
537 loom ahead to appear, to appoach in a threatening way nadciągać, zbliżać się, zbliżać się o czymś negatywnym
  • Difficult weeks are looming ahead.
544 look up to to admire a person podziwiać kogoś
  • Magdalena always needed someone to look up to and imitate. I wish she were more self-reliant.
566 lie back to lie on one położyć się na plecach, rozluźnić się, dać sobie luz
  • Lie back, you're on days off.
582 line up against to get united against zjednoczyć się przeciw
  • The whole staff lined up against the chief.
584 loiter over to spend time lazily, to be doing sth very slowly marudzic z czymś, wolno coś robić
  • If you loiter over your work like that, the manager will be angry.
585 lash out  to attack someone to attack someone verbally
  • He just lashed out against the boss.
612 leap out of to get out of somewhere by jumping, leaping wyskoczyć na zewnątz
  • He leapt out of his chair when his team scored.
673 lunch out to have lunch out of home, company, hotel, etc. jeść lunch poza domem, jeść lunch poza firmą
  • Fran do you want to go get lunch out?
682 leak in to get inside accidentally, to get inside accidentally - about water przeciekać
  • After completely remodeling the room we got more rain which leaked in again.
715 latch on to understand something to join someone without being invited zrozumieć, załapać, załapać się, dołączyć do kogoś, przyłączyć się
  • I didn't really latch on.
764 look about to look at things, a place, etc. as if in order to find something rozglądać się
  • Man looking about computer graphic, stamp, animated sticker, for creativity and artistic fun.
765 leap at to accept a chance eagerly skwapliwie skorzystać
  • I just leapt at that opportunity.