# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
853 leap up to jump up, to get up suddenly podkoczyć w górę, zerwać się
  • She suddenly leapt up from her chair with an irresistible impulse and held out her hands, yearning towards me.
883 live out to live far from the place you work at mieszkać poza miejscem pracy
  • Magdalena lives out, so he has to commute.
892 lighten up cheer up used usually in imperatives rozchmurzać się, rozchmurzać się - głównie w zdaniach rozkazujących
  • Everything will work out fine, so stop worrying and lighten up.
897 look ahead to prepare for or plan the future planować, przygotowywać się, patrzeć w przyszłość
  • If you're in the building industry, it's time to start looking ahead if you want to serve your clients well.
898 look away to stop looking in a particular direction odwrócić wzrok
  • Ann looked away at the sight of blood.
919 lay into sb to attack or scold someone zaatakować, naskoczyć na kogoś
  • Ann laid on me as if I had done something wrong.
952 lie about to stay in bed for a long time without any specific reason spędzać czas leniwie w łóżku
  • Ann stuff lies about all over the house.
965 lie down on to neglect obijać się, zaniedbywać, zaniedbywać pracę, zaniedbywać obowiązki
  • The way he lies down on the job is annoying.
969 labour over to work continuously over a certain task ślęczeć nad czymś
  • Ann's still labouring over her speech.
971 listen in to listen carefully and secretely to what someone else is saying podsłuchiwać
  • He was listening in at the door.
975 live for to believe something is the sense of, to believe someone is the sense of żyć dla, znajdować w czymś sens życia
  • She's always lived for tomorrow.
976 live with to cope with żyć z czymś, radzić sobie z czymś
  • He'll have to live with that knowledge.
982 louse up to spoil something, to fail to do something, to fail to do something (informal) spaprać, zepsuć, zepsuć (potocznie)
  • Don't louse it up.
991 light up to light a cigarette to show one zapalić papierosa, zapłonąć, zapłonąć - o oczach, zapłonąć ze szczęścia
  • Her eyes lit up when Ann saw her boyfriend.
994 leak to to spill the beans, to tell someone a secret wygadac się, zdradzić tajemnicę
  • Ann's going to leak it all to anyone she'll chat with- why the hell have you told her?