# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
325 lurch along to walk unstaedily zataczać się, iść chwiejnym krokiem
  • I saw Adam lurching along in the street yesterday.
341 look down on to have a bad opinion of sth or someone, to despise to disapprove of patrzeć z góry, patrzeć z wyższością
  • The whole class look down on Adam, which makes him feel really upset.
375 learn from to gain knowledge from a source, such as printed material or other people to gain knowledge or wisdom because of something uczyć się z, uczyć się od, uczyć się na
  • Magdalena has learned nothing from her last mistake.
391 leave down to keep something low or in a low position zostawić w dole, zostawić np. ściszony dźwięk lub słabe światło
  • I left the TV down because the kids were falling asleep.
392 laze about to abstain from work, to have a good time doing nothing leniuchować, obijać się
  • We spent the afternoon lazing about, reading our books and watching TV.