# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
517 lay out to spend money, especially a lot of money wywalić, wywalić kasę
  • People capable to lay out for the house from 8 million $.
521 let on to tell a secret zdradzić sekret, wygadać się
  • Nobody let on about the surprise party.
524 let up become less intense or slower zmniejszyć intensywność
  • The rain has let up so we can go out.
537 loom ahead to appear, to appoach in a threatening way nadciągać, zbliżać się, zbliżać się o czymś negatywnym
  • Difficult weeks are looming ahead.
544 look up to to admire a person podziwiać kogoś
  • Magdalena always needed someone to look up to and imitate. I wish she were more self-reliant.