# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
566 lie back to lie on one położyć się na plecach, rozluźnić się, dać sobie luz
  • Lie back, you're on days off.
582 line up against to get united against zjednoczyć się przeciw
  • The whole staff lined up against the chief.
584 loiter over to spend time lazily, to be doing sth very slowly marudzic z czymś, wolno coś robić
  • If you loiter over your work like that, the manager will be angry.
585 lash out  to attack someone to attack someone verbally
  • He just lashed out against the boss.
612 leap out of to get out of somewhere by jumping, leaping wyskoczyć na zewnątz
  • He leapt out of his chair when his team scored.