# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
194 make for go to or toward poruszać się w kierunku czegoś
  • We made for office when it started raining.
195 make of understand or have an opinion myśleć o, sądzić o
  • What do you make of Mark? I think he's very intelligent.
196 make out be able to see or hear something zrozumieć, dostrzec, dosłyszeć
  • If you can't make out what someone's saying, ask them to repeat it.
197 make up make up robić makijaż
  • I always make up before I leave house in the evening.
198 make up invent information, invent imaginary information, create information, create imaginary information wymyśleć
  • I wouldn't believe him! I bet he has made the story up!