# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
204 mess with become involved in something damaging or dangerous zadzierać z kimś
  • Do not mess with her ! She is eager to solve problems with her fists.
205 move in to start living in a certain place wprowadzać się
  • I didn't like this flat when I moved in but now I think it's quite cosy.
206 move out to change the place of living to strt a journey wyprowadzać się
  • We have to move out till the end of the year.
482 mark up increase the price, increase the price for resale podnieść cenę
  • Mrs. Black's import shop is profitable because she buys things inexpensively and then marks them up.
513 magic up to make something appear suddenly and unexpectedly wyczarować coś
  • My wife can magic up the best steak you've ever eaten.