# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
529 mark down reduce the price, reduce the price - as an incentive to buy obniżyć cenę
  • Mark down the prices = reduce the prices.
541 meet up to meet in order to do sth together spotkać się, spotkać się żeby razem coś zrobić
  • Let's meet up on Sunday and we'll discuss the materials we've gathered so far.
552 meddle in to interfere in mieszać się w coś, wtrącać się w coś
  • Magdalena's been meddling in my private problems.
578 mope around to spend time aimlessly and unhappily chodzić bez celu
  • He spent all day and night moping around.
590 mooch around to walk without any particular aim or with no interest wałęsać się, łazić bez celu
  • These young boys mooch around the street all night.