# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
770 mooch about to spend time doing nothing snuć się, wałęsać bez celu
  • She's been mooching about for night.
780 monkey around to play, often in a foolish or uncontrolled way błaznować, wydurniać się
  • Last time we were monkeying around in the trainer's room, and we uncovered something.
850 mix up to confuse mieszać, pomieszać, pomylić
  • His explanation just mixed me up more.
902 mist over to become covered with a layer of liquid zaparować, zajść mgłą, pokryć się warstwą cieczy
  • If you notice that window glass at your premises has become cracked or misted over time it's worth getting them replaced now.
909 mingle with to become acquainted with, to talk to somebody, to start or continue an acquaintance obracać się wśród, zadawać się z, rozmawiać, rozmawiać na spotkaniu towarzyskim
  • He's mingling with the wrong kind of people.