# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
932 miss out on to miss an opportunity stracić okazję czegoś
  • Ann didn't want to miss out on spending a couple of hours with her family.
945 mix up with to have a relationship with, to have a relationship with usually someone whose reputation is dubious utrzymywać zanjomość z, zadawać się z, zadawać się z na ogół z kimś o wątpliwej reputacji
  • Mark was upset to hear that his son had been mixed up with criminals.
964 madden with to annoy, to make angry doprowadzac do szału
  • Ann was maddened with his obstinacy.
968 mix up in to be involved in something, to be involved in something - usually unfavourable wmieszać się w coś, wplątać się w coś
  • Ann got mixed up in a political scandal.