# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
212 pass away die umierać, odchodzić
  • The old man passed away yesterday at ten.
213 pass by pass near przechodzić, przejeżdżać obok
  • Every week I pass by this shop when I'm on my way to work.
214 pass on place into the hands or custody of przekazać
  • After taking your piece of cake, pass the plate on to the next person.
215 pay back to return money to do something as a response or reward oddać dług
  • I will pay you back next month. Is that OK?
216 pay off to pay the full amount on, to pay the full amount on a debt spłacić
  • Have you paid off your car loan yet?
217 pick out choose, select wybrać
  • We spent hours looking for presents and finally picked out some DVDs.
218 pick up to lift to take someone or something from a place to get ill podnosić
  • Ann picked up the phone and dialled her boyfriend's number.
219 pick up learn nauczyć się
  • I picked up a lot of new words during my trip to New York.
220 pick up arrange to meet someone and give her a ride, arrange to meet someone and give him a ride odebrać, zabrać
  • Will you pick me up from the station on Sunday?
221 pin down to make someone agree or act in a given way przycisnąć kogoś
  • I tried to pin him down on a time and place, but he was very evasive.
222 piss off to make or become angry wkurzać
  • He was absolutely pissed off with his behaviour.
223 plug in to to turn on, to connect podłączyć
  • I haven't plugged in the radio yet, I just bought it.
224 point out to explain, to show, to draw one's attention to something or someone wskazać, zwrócić uwagę
  • He pointed out common writing mistakes his students should be aware of.
225 polish up to make or become smooth and shiny by polishing szlifować, odświeżyć
  • His English is not bad but he should polish it up a bit.
226 print out print wydrukować
  • Could you please print out this letter for me?