# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
943 palm sth off on sb to give somebody something you don opchnąć coś komuś
  • Ann just palmed the jewellery off on her neighbour.
970 plunk down to put something down without much care, o put something down heavily ciskać, rzucać niedbale
  • Someone plunked down the money to fly.
983 puzzle out to work out to solve a problem, to understand pojąć, zrozumieć, rozwiązać, rozwiązać problem, wymyśleć
  • Sooner or later we'll puzzle out a way out of this trouble.
985 ply with to offer someone, to offer someone things to eat, to offer someone things to drink, to provide someone with something częstować kogoś, częstować kogoś czymś, zasypywać kogoś, zasypywać kogoś pytaniami
  • Ann's been plying us with coffee all evening.
986 push away to push someone or something so that they move away odepchnąć
  • He pushed him away as he wanted to enter the room.