# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
242 put out to extinguish gasić
  • It took the firemen a long time to put out the fire.
243 put up with to accept something znosić
  • How do you put up with her ? She's so irritating.
324 parcel out to divide, to divide a land into small pieces rozparcelować
  • Adam's grandfather's land was parcelled out among his children.
346 play at to do sth for pleasure, not treating it seriously zabawiać się, nie traktować poważnie
  • Luis's only playing at being a musician he's got lots of other possibilities.
361 pine for to miss something or someone, to want something one cannot get tęsknić, usychać z tęsknoty
  • Magdalena pined for some luxury in her life.
376 partake in to participate in brać udział w, uczestniczyć
  • Magdalena and Janine are going to partake in the championship.
385 pack off to send a person away wysłać kogoś dokądś, odesłać, wywieźć
  • Magdalena's parents decided to pack her off abroad for a two years.
471 pull over drive a vehicle to the side of the road zjechać na pobocze
  • I felt so bad that I had to pull over my car.
480 pass out faint, lose consciousness zemdleć, stracić świadomość
  • When Magdalena heard that she'd won a million euros, she was so shocked that she passed out.
500 pitch in help, join together to accomplish something dołączyć się, pomóc
  • erman gov't pitches in to help biz.
579 propel into to make someone do something or place someone in a certain position popchnąć kogoś, popchnąć kogoś do czegoś
  • What happened in Mao Tse-tung's life in 1919 that propelled him into politics?
603 pace about  to move restlessly and anxiously about a place, to move restlessly or anxiously about a place chodzić w tę i z powrotem, niespokojnie chodzić, niespokojnie chodzić po pomieszczeniu
  • He paced about the corridor.
610 point down to show something which is down wskazywać coś na dole
  • It should be pointing down to the ground - not angled to one side or the other.
623 point at to show something wskazywać na coś, wskazywać na kogoś
  • She just pointed right at me.
635 put apart to save something, to save money, to save time odkładać, odkładać pieniądze, oszczędzać, rezerwować, rezerwować czas
  • If you just want to go on your dream holiday, you should put some money apart.