# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
376 partake in to participate in brać udział w, uczestniczyć
  • Magdalena and Janine are going to partake in the championship.
385 pack off to send a person away wysłać kogoś dokądś, odesłać, wywieźć
  • Magdalena's parents decided to pack her off abroad for a two years.
471 pull over drive a vehicle to the side of the road zjechać na pobocze
  • I felt so bad that I had to pull over my car.
480 pass out faint, lose consciousness zemdleć, stracić świadomość
  • When Magdalena heard that she'd won a million euros, she was so shocked that she passed out.
500 pitch in help, join together to accomplish something dołączyć się, pomóc
  • erman gov't pitches in to help biz.