# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
244 reach out move forward or upward in order to touch sięgnąć po coś
  • How could you reach out to them and get to know them more?
245 read out to read aloud so that others can hear czytać na głos
  • Mark was proud when his teacher asked him to read out his poem so everyone could hear it.
246 reduce to to force someone into a worse condition than usual sprowadzać, doprowadzać do
  • Ann's cries reduced him to silence.
247 refer to to mention wspominać, odnosić się do czegoś
  • In his academic writning he always refers to Profesor Davis's research.
248 refer to to direct someone to someone or something odnieść, odwołać się do czegoś
  • Refer to user's guide if you have any problems with the programme.
249 rely on to count on, to bank on to be able to obtain sth such as help or reliable information from polegać na
  • Most charities rely on people to give donations.
250 remind of to link, to associate przypominać, kojarzyć
  • He reminds me of a boy I knew years ago.
251 resort to to turn to something that is not the first choice uciec się do czegoś
  • She will resort to anything to get her way.
252 result in to cause something skutkować
  • Do you think the government's plan will result in a stronger economy?
253 ring back to make a telephone call to someone who called you beforehand zadzwonić ponownie
  • He can't talk at the moment, can you ring back later?
254 ring up to call someone on the telephone dzwonić, telefonować
  • Ring me up in the afternoon.
255 rub out to erease wytrzeć
  • If you make a mistake on your test sheet, rub out the bit that's wrong and write it again.
256 run across to find by chance spotkać, wpaść na kogoś przypadkiem
  • I run across my old love when he was buying a ring.
257 run away to avoid something such as a problem uciekać
  • They ran away when they saw his gun.
258 run into meet by chance spotkać kogoś przypadkiem
  • You won't believe whom I ran into this afternoon!