# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
244 reach out move forward or upward in order to touch sięgnąć po coś
  • How could you reach out to them and get to know them more?
245 read out to read aloud so that others can hear czytać na głos
  • Mark was proud when his teacher asked him to read out his poem so everyone could hear it.
246 reduce to to force someone into a worse condition than usual sprowadzać, doprowadzać do
  • Ann's cries reduced him to silence.
247 refer to to mention wspominać, odnosić się do czegoś
  • In his academic writning he always refers to Profesor Davis's research.
248 refer to to direct someone to someone or something odnieść, odwołać się do czegoś
  • Refer to user's guide if you have any problems with the programme.