# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
254 ring up to call someone on the telephone dzwonić, telefonować
  • Ring me up in the afternoon.
255 rub out to erease wytrzeć
  • If you make a mistake on your test sheet, rub out the bit that's wrong and write it again.
256 run across to find by chance spotkać, wpaść na kogoś przypadkiem
  • I run across my old love when he was buying a ring.
257 run away to avoid something such as a problem uciekać
  • They ran away when they saw his gun.
258 run into meet by chance spotkać kogoś przypadkiem
  • You won't believe whom I ran into this afternoon!
259 run out to finish something, to use something up kończyć się, brakować
  • The party is finished. We've run out of beer.
260 run up to run to the front of someone or something podbiec
  • I ran up to her and gave her a hug.
345 rub along with to agree with someone, to get on well with dobrze się z kimś zgadzać
  • Luis and Magdalena always seemed to rub along with each other.
388 ramble on to talk or write in an awkward chaotic style without communicating much mówić lub pisać w sposób chaotyczny, rozwlekle, nie na temat
  • Magdalena tends to ramble on so I don't like talking to her.
441 round on to react angrily towards someone, attack somebody natrzeć na kogoś
  • They all rounded on Adam for not upholding the party line.