# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
444 rip up to tear something into small pieces podrzeć
  • Mikhalevich ripped up the statement on cooperation with the KGB.
498 rip apart to destroy something completely zniszczyć całkowicie, rozerwać, roznieść
  • The family is ripped apart by a young mother's death.
516 rip off cheat, take advantage of, charge too much zdzierać, żądać za dużo pieniędzy
  • They are solid companies, won't rip you off, have great offers, and are willing to work.
555 rinse down to drink a liquid in order to cause something easily swallowed, to drink a liquid in order to cause a pill easily swallowed popijać coś w celu przełknięcia
  • She rinsed down the sandwich with a drink.
622 rush out to sell quickly rozchodzic się bardzo szybko, rozchodzic się bardzo szybko - o towarach
  • I think the spring collection will rush out.
671 revel in to be fond of something to enjoy something very much cieszyć się, radować się
  • Obama revels in the Erse amendment.
687 rankle with to fill with grief, to make you feel hurt, to make you feel unhappy napełniać goryczą, sprawiać ból
  • His behaviour rankles with me still.
688 reel out to make one's way out unsteadily wytoczyć się, wyjść chwiejnym krokiem
  • Mark reeled out from the pub.
797 rub over to rub very carefully rozcierać, rozcierać maść
  • Gently rub the ointment over the wound with a cotton swap or a clean piece of gauze.
802 rebound on to bring unpleasant results to someone who took an action odbijać się na kimś
  • Markets rebound on tighter eurozone fiscal union plan.