# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
276 sort out to arrange, to put things in order porządkować, rozwiązywać
  • He needs to sort out things concerning their relationship.
277 speak for to speak as a representative of, to speak as a representative of other people mówić za kogoś
  • I can speak for myself.
278 speed up to start driving faster przyspieszać
  • Speed up, we can't drive so slow on a motorway.
279 splash out spend a lot of money on something that is not essential szarpnąć się, zaszaleć
  • He needed some entertainment so decided to splash out in the city centre.
280 split up to finish a romantic relationship rozejść się
  • I'm not with Ann any more, we split up two weeks ago.
281 spread out move outward rozciągać się
  • The wine spread out and stained a large area of the carpet.
282 stand back stand away from an object or person odsunąć się
  • Not come too near, stand back.
283 stand by to support someone, be loyal to być w gotowości
  • I need you to stand by and answer the phone when my broker calls.
284 start over to start an action again from the beginning zaczynać coś od nowa
  • When you start over, try to do it right this time.
285 stay away not to enter, to avoid entering trzymać sie z dala
  • You'd better stay away from my sister.
286 stay in to not go out zostać w domu
  • I don't feel like going out tonight, I'll stay in.
287 stay out to stay out from home być poza domem do późna
  • I don't mind if she stays out but yesterday she went too far.
288 stay up to not go to sleep nie kłaść się, iść do łóżka później
  • Mark stayed up till 4 in the night to watch the final NBA play.
289 stick to to adhere or cause to adhere to trzymać się czegoś
  • Even though English is a hard language to master, you must stick to it!
290 stock up to build up a supply of something zaopatrzyć się
  • I think we should stock up with wine - your friends are coming tonight.