# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
996 stow into to pack something into pakować, upychać
  • Because everything was stowed into boxes or bags, getting it into the car was relatively easy.
997 scare away to make somebody frightened so that they leave or stop doing something odstraszyć, wystraszyć
  • The girl was scared away by some older students.
998 storm out to leave in an angry way wyjść, wybiec z wściekłością
  • The girl stormed out when she found out what had happened.
1000 shin up to climb, to climb a tree wspinać się, wspinać się na drzewo
  • Look at those girls shinning up the trees!
1002 stick together to keep close to a person, to stay together and protect each other trzmać się z kimś, trzymać z kimś
  • I can't imagine the day the guys wouldn't stick together.