# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
723 see after to look after someone or something, to take care of someone or something opiekować się, zajmować się
  • Will you see after my books, please?
724 see over to visit a place in order to have a closer look at it oglądać, oglądać miejsce
  • You can see over the flat landscape to the horizon, in all directions.
736 sit out to be sitting outside to sit till the end of something siedzieć na zewnątrz, przeczekać
  • You had to sit out and wait for the lord.
739 stick around to stay in the area pozostawać w pobliżu
  • I'll stick around you.
741 scrape up to gather a given sum of money uzbierac, uciułać
  • You have to scrape up for this car.
742 start out to start a journey to st off wyruszać, ruszać
  • We're starting out next week.
743 show in to show someone a way into a place politely wprowadzać kogoś
  • I asked Marek to show the guests in.
796 shop on to report a person to the police donieść na kogoś policji
  • It was better to shop on his friends!
798 sack out to go to bed, to fall asleep pójść spać, zasnąć
  • Well, to be honest, I sacked out after finishing the DaVinci Code at around 8:00 pm.
799 shut up to close to become quiet zamykać, zamknąć się
  • Why don't you shut up?
800 shout out to exclaim to make a noise krzyknąć, wrzasnąć
  • He shouted out when a fish had taken the fly.
804 spruce up to decorate, to make look better ozdabiać, poprawiać wygląd, stroić, stroić się, wymuskać
  • Spruce up your house for spring.
814 sleep off to get rid of by sleeping odespać, przespać
  • He sleeps off bad mood and stress.
821 shrink from to avoid doing sth wzbraniać się przed czymś
  • I will not shrink from responsibility.
829 stomp on to put one nadepnąć, przydeptać, pokonać, pobić kogoś
  • An old lady stomped on my foot and cussed me out.